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Friday, January 1, 1999


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As the popularity of home computers increases, so does members in the Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts.

Standing at about 70 members and growing at each meeting the group continues to give people a place to find advice on various aspects of computers including buying, upgrading and programs, said founder Dwight Johnson.

The idea to form the club started in the early 1980’s when Johnson a Waukegan resident, and another person he worked with at Great Lakes Training Center both retired and purchased Atari home computers at about the same time. The started the group, he said because they were looking for a way to learn more about the computer. The wrote to Atari for information and later held their first meeting.

Johnson said the goal of LCACE remains today to be “members


helping members.” Members and the general public are invited to attend monthly meetings where they can talk one-on-one and help each other iron out computer problems.

Everyone has a different computer system, depending on how they use it. Johnson said it doesn’t mater if someone has a new or used computer, they can fine someone at a meeting who owns a system similar with it and can help answer their questions.

One common topic members bring to the computer meetings, Johnson said is buying a computer and specific hardware or software.

“They can see if they like a piece of hardware or software before they buy it, “Johnson said. “You know from other insights if you will like it.

Another topic frequently brought up at meetings is upgrading a


computer. Johnson, who has a three-year-old system said he can talk to others who can help him decide what to upgrade or buy a new one.

Many people who belong to LCACE can offer advice on computers because they have experience, including some who use them in their jobs. The can share information about desktop publishing, networking or rebuilding a computer.

There are many “gurus” in LCACE who know technical jargon when taking about computers, Johnson said. However, he added that because many people can’t comprehend that language, member talking in terms that people of all computer backgrounds can understand.

Meetings are open to the public, but those who choose to pay annual dues also receive a newsletter. Members come from a broad area,


Lake County Computer Enthusiasts

Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts is a not-for-profit club that provides advice and information for computer users. Monthly meetings are held so people can talk to members about computer issues ranging from purchasing new or used equipment to desktop publishing or upgrading a computer. The group which is open to all Lake County residents also has members across the state, as well as Indiana and Ohio.

The club meets from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the second Saturday of the month at Warren-Newport Public Library in Gurnee.

Annual dues are $20 which includes the newsletter and other special events. For information, call Dwight (J.J.) Johnson at (847) 623-3815 or visit the club’s web site at www.lcace.org.



not only Lake County. Johnson said many live throughout the state, and there are some who live in Indiana and Iowa, who simply enjoy reading the newsletter.

In addition to notes from past meetings, the newsletter includes articles or topic of interest to computer users such as the Y2K problems and viruses.

To help inform more people


about the help LCACE can offer to computer users or those thinking of buying a computer, member have teamed up with the organizers of the monthly computer show at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake. Johnson said club members promote the show where visitors can buy software and other equipment and members have a booth at the show so they can promote their group.